The downtown redevelopment for Hartford, Wisconsin has been in the works as a joint effort for over a year.  HADC, along with the City of Hartford, the Hartford BID, The Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce, and Vandewalle & Associates, as well as prominent business leaders, can safely say they are seeing the results of nearly 2 years of strategic planning to revitalize the entire downtown Hartford area.

Last week, City Administrator, Steve Volkert announced that Cobblestone Hotel Development, LLC will be taking ownership of the property at 110 East Sumner St. , just a block off of Main street. According to Volkert, the goal will be to see the exterior housing of the hotel complex, which includes a restaurant, outdoor patio, exercise facility and parking, finished by the mid-winter months to allow for indoor construction during the cold weather. BriMark Builders, who is part of Cobblestone Development, will build the four-story, 60-room hotel. Interestingly, BriMark Builders President, Jeremy Griesbach, holds this project near and dear to his heart as he is a Hartford HS graduate from about 25 years ago!

The actual start of the business class hotel build, which may include a swimming pool and meeting rooms, is a major step, a catalyst for the entire downtown revitalization meant to create additional growth and opportunities for a number of potential businesses, retail, food and entertainment, among others.

Along with this major step, discussions are underway that may include renovation of the Millstream building; a possible brew pub, apartments, or retail space, all providing greater incentive for visitors and potential residents to live and work in Hartford and increase incentive to see Hartford as a desirable location for new businesses.