As we continue to focus on workforce issues in the area, the HADC has entered into an agreement with NEWaukee to form a Young Professionals group in Hartford. NEWaukee is a social architecture firm that specializes in talent attraction and retention through place-based engagement strategies. They work with organizations large and small to ensure their workforce is connected to the community and highly engaged with their employers.

The Young Professionals Group will target people under the age of 40 living and/or working in Hartford and will focus on events and activities that provide networking and community engagement opportunities. Not only is this age group the future workforce for our employers but they are the future of our community.

There is a broad base of financial support for this project, including employer contributions, a grant from the Hartford Foundation, and funding from the HADC and the City of Hartford.

An active group of “under 40’s” already exists and is anxious to begin work on this. Watch for more details in the coming months.