Explanation of the Program

What is Weatherization?

Weatherization is a process where a home is evaluated for air leakage, insulation and energy efficiency. Then based on the findings; air sealing, insulating and repair or replacement of mechanicals; such as water heaters, furnaces and ventilation fans, may be able to be done to reduce heating usage and improve indoor air quality. All of the work done is at NO COST to eligible applicants.

Weatherization may include any of the following Energy Saving measures, determined by an energy evaluation;

  • Repair or replacement of heating systems 
  • Replacement of water heaters 
  • Wall insulation 
  • Insulation of attics
  • Insulation of sill boxes 
  • Insulation of crawlspaces and foundations
  • Air sealing of attics and basements 
  • Ventilation fans in bathrooms/kitchens
  • Dryer venting 
  • Appliance replacement of refrigerators / chest freezers.
  • Water Saving Measures 
  • Health and Safety Repairs
  • CFL bulb replacement 
  • Small repairs
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What Types of Properties Qualify for Weatherization?

Both owner occupied homes and rental properties that include; single family homes, mobile homes, condominiums and apartment buildings may qualify for weatherization; as long as the household is eligible as determined through Energy Assistance (WHEAP) (PDF) and the building is eligible as determined by the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).

The guideline for multi-family properties is as follows:

  • If the building is a 2 to 4 unit rental building, at least 50% of the units must be eligible for the building to qualify for the program.
  • If the building exceeds 5 or more units; 66% of the units must be eligible for the building to qualify for weatherization services.
If you are the property owner of a multi-unit apartment building and you are interested in the program; please contact the HCDA Weatherization Office to determine eligibility.

How Are Homes Selected for Weatherization?

Not all homes that qualify for weatherization services will receive the benefit. Weatherization is an additional benefit available to a small percentage of homes, out of several thousand households in Dodge and Washington County that qualify for the service. We are encouraged by the State of Wisconsin to weatherize homes with high energy costs/usage. Certain fuel types; such a fuel oil, propane gas, electric heat, homes with electric water heaters and homes with high natural gas usage; are more likely to be contacted for the weatherization program.

Weatherization Funding Sources

The Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) are paid for in part by Federal Funds from the Division of Energy (DOE); Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and state Public Benefits (utility) funding. The program is provided at NO COST to eligible applicants; including both property owners and renters. For landlords with qualifying tenants; there may be a 15% Landlord Contribution required at the time of services; unless the landlord also qualifies for Energy Assistance.

Do I have to repay the Weatherization Assistance Program if I sell my home?

No. The Weatherization Assistance Program is not a loan program and requires no repayment when your home is sold.

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