New Developments 

                                                   Next Generation Housing Demonstration Site                                       

                                                       Skyway Park - Lots 67 - 73 - Hartford WI

SKyway 1

In October 2023 a local builder, A & N Contracting, began construction on the first two, of seven total homes, being constructed as part of a Next Generation Housing Demonstration Site similar to the Next Generation Housing development proposed earlier this year. Five of the homes are planned to be under $320,000 and two will be under $420,000, with completion of the first homes scheduled for spring of 2024. The home sizes will range from 1200 to 1500 square feet and will follow the Next Generation Housing guidelines. The developer received some Next Generation Housing funding, used towards acquiring the lots, to keep the costs for development down. As part of the initiative, home buyers will have deed restrictions that require them to occupy the property for five years, or pay back a prorated share of the funds invested and/or discounted by the developer. The goal of the project is to increase the amount of new homes being built at an affordable price point.

Washington County, as part of the Next Generation Housing Initiative has a Down Payment Incentive Program coming available in early 2024, which purchasers can apply for. The incentive can provide up to a $20,000 down payment as a deferred note, to assist buyers in purchasing a property. This program has limited funding, but is available for buyers who qualify, to purchase homes throughout Washington County. For more information about this program, please visit Down Payment Incentive Program - Washington County, WI (

Skyway 2
Skyway 3

Shoppes at Bell - Hartford Plaza

Bell Ave, Hartford WI

festival bell shops_06212021_112751
Shoppes at Bell Ave was developed in 2021 and 2022, along with Festival Foods as part of the revitalization of the Hartford Plaza.  New businesses have opened with additional development opportunities still available.

                   Noodles & Company

                1303 Bell Ave, Hartford 

Noodles & Company is the latest business to open in October 2023 at the Shoppes at Bell location.  With hundreds of locations nationwide, they are known for their pasta, soups and salads.

Bubon Orthodontics
                   Bubon Orthodontics
                1307 Bell Ave, Hartford 

Bubon Orthodontics was established in 1993.  They opened in 2023 at the new Hartford location, offering orthodontic services, including Invisalign.    

                        Cost Cutters
               1319 Bell Ave, Hartford

 Cost Cutters moved to it's new Hartford location in 2023.  A cost friendly franchise with over 700 locations in the US, providing hair care services and products.

Cost Cutters
Elite Nails Spa


                     Elite Nails & Spa                                               1315 Bell Ave, Hartford 

Elite Nails & Spa specializes in full nail care services and relaxing spa treatments.  

                  Summit Credit Union                                         1323 Bell Ave, Hartford

Summit Credit Union is a member owned financial cooperative that offers a full range of financial services.  

Summer Credit Union


                          AVS Companies
        1625 Independence Ave, Hartford WI

KGBF Properties LLC, along with American Vending Sales Inc have proposed building a light manufacturing and warehousing facility in the Industrial Park District.  A prior Conditional Use Permit was sought and granted in August 2023 to allow for the building site.  

A preliminary site plan was approved in September 2023, with conditions that include in-part; approval of the split block wainscot building material with metal panels on the exterior, final approval of the landscape plan, and other utility and engineering requirements.  

Infinity Design


       Infinity Design -

              59 N Main St, Hartford

A sign permit was approved in July 2023 for a custom printing and home decor business.  The owner, Theresa Siebenlist, plans to open the business on August 1st, 2023.  Gift items, custom framing and design services are among the products and services this exciting new business plans to offer.  

With the addition of this vendor and others, the variety of unique and custom retailers just keeps getting better in downtown Hartford.

                                                                   Hartford Hatchet House - 75 N Main St, Hartford 

Local entrepreneurs, known as REAM LLC, are planning to open a new "Axe Throwing Lounge", which is considered a Commercial Recreational Facility.  In June 2023, a Conditional Use Permit was approved, paving the way for the business to open in mid-July.  The venue features a lounge with six (6) axe throwing lanes, and plans to sell frozen pizzas, wine and beer.  The exciting business concept will complement the array of other establishments located in beautiful downtown Hartford.  
Hatchet House

                          Proposed Site Plan - Tractor Supply Company - 7520 State Hwy 60, Hartford 

In May 2023, the City annexed an 11.69 acre site into the city and at that time, established the site as a B-5 Highway Business Zoning District, with the intended future use as a commercial property.  Ridgeway Investments, LLC has proposed developing the site into a Tractor Supply Company.  In June 2023 a preliminary site plan was approved by the Planning Commission.  The Tractor Supply Company, would develop the site under the requirements established by the city, to ensure a nicely landscaped, esthetically pleasing building with the proper lighting and public utilities.   

The Tractor Supply Company is a large retail company with over 2100 stores throughout the United States.  They specialize in products for farmers, ranches, homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts, branding themselves as one of the largest rural life retailers for "Life Out Here".

TSC Site Plan


                  Nostalgic Vibes - 

            106 N Main St, Hartford 

A sign permit was approved in April 2023 for a new store opening in the downtown area, with the grand opening planned in June 2023.  The store highlights collectibles and other sought after items with ever-changing inventory.  The store's founder, Brian Bauer, specializes in buying and selling collectibles and plans to offers a wide variety of unique merchandise, including action figures, entertainment memorabilia and more.  The new store is another exciting addition to the downtown marketplace.

Nostalgic Vibes.png

                                                                          Goodwill Store - 1201 Bell Ave, Hartford WI

A new Goodwill store has been proposed next to the new Planet Fitness in the Hartford Plaza.  The sizeable store would feature a remodeled facade with repainted exterior brick and metal plank siding.  The much-improved exterior would have high quality architectural details and a modern feel.  A preliminary site plan was approved in April 2023.  

Goodwill Industries began in the early 1900's and came to Milwaukee in 1919.  Celebrating over 100 years of service, the organization has stores throughout the United States, founded on bringing employment and job skills to people in the community.
Goodwill 1
Goemans 2

Goeman's Rapid Mart Addition -           2712 E Sumner St, Hartford

The Goeman's have proposed building a 2400 SF addition to the existing gas station, including adding a 6 bay electric vehicle charging station.  The addition would include re-doing the exterior of the gas station to match their nearby storage facility.  Additional exterior lighting and new landscaping would also be part of the project.  The site plan was preliminarily approved in March 2023.

                       Next Generation Housing Initiative - Concept Plan Near the Dodge Industrial Park


The Next Generation Housing Initiative has been collaborating with the City of Hartford and the Hartford Area Development Corporation (HADC) and surrounding communities to create a plan to increase the number of new homes in Washington County.  The City of Hartford and the HADC have been planning to develop a 60-acre parcel located between the Dodge Industrial Park and the Western Industrial Park for a number of years.  It has been determined that this parcel may be a good location for a new housing development, consisting of single-family homes, 2-4 family side x side homes, townhouse style condos and a 3-story apartment building: for a total of up to 344 units.  A new study funded by the initiative, by Tracy Cross & Associates Inc, called the "Workforce Housing Analysis" was completed in September, 2022 and confirmed the need for new housing in the community.  Washington County would provide financial assistance of  up to $2,400,000 toward the initiative for Hartford, and additional funding for similar projects in Slinger and Jackson, as part of a larger initiative to build new homes, in Hartford and the surrounding communities.  The large financial incentive would offset some of the costs of the infrastructure, helping to bring down the overall cost for the future buyers and renters.  The preliminary concept plan was approved in January 2023 and will move into the next phase of planning to determine if the development is feasible.

The Next Generation Housing Initiative's goals would be to have 75% of the homes to be projected to cost $300,000 or less, with the remaining 25% of the homes costing $400,000 or less.  An emphasis on the housing being affordable for people who work in the community is one of the objectives of the development, while still delivering a quality built 1200-1500 SF home for someone who wants to enter the Hartford market as a homeowner or renter.   

                                                        Vickney & Associates CPA - 120 County Trunk Hwy K, Hartford


Envision Design has designed a new office building for the local accounting firm, Vickney and Associates CPA.  The building is planned to be about 4000 SF with additional room for future expansion, on the parcel.  The design of the building would be a single-story floor plan with many large windows, brick wainscot, gray composite siding and decorative aluminum siding, resembling wood.  The visually appealing conceptual site plan of the office building was preliminarily approved in February 2023 and would include parking for about 22 cars, with room for expansion.  Many trees, ornamental shrubs and perennials will complement and complete the attractive design.  

Vickney & Associates CPA is a growing accounting firm that provides a full range of business accounting, consulting and management services, as well as, personal accounting services locally and throughout the State of Wisconsin.

    The Redmond Company

     1570 East Sumner St, Hartford 

A new multi-tenant retail building has been proposed at the site where the former Culver's building was located.  The new development is planned to have three retail spaces (Tenant A - 2,251 SF, Tenant B - 1,423 SF and Tenant C - 1,470 SF), totaling 5,564 SF.

The Site Plan, which was preliminarily approved in January 2023, details the design of the building which would be a single-story structure with a proposed drive-thru on the west side.  The modern architecture would feature an attractive partial brick and vertical composite siding finish, along with other design elements, new ornamental landscaping and ample parking.     

                                                                    Modish Kids Boutique - 28 E Jackson St, Hartford

In January 2023 a sign permit was approved for a new child's clothing store that opened in the downtown area.  The store owner, Lily Kidle, opened the store in December 2022.  The clothing store was a longtime dream of Kidle, who is excited to share her passion for children's clothing.  The store plans to carry a range of sizes up to size 14 and offers stylish and trendy, quality clothing with a frequently changing inventory.  The boutique style setting creates a comfortable shopping experience, complete with a children's corner, for enjoyable shopping for the adults with their children.


                                                                        Scooter's Coffee - 1225 E Sumner St, Hartford

A new development has been proposed by the owner of the property that Dairy Queen resides at.  A separate, stand alone drive-thru coffee shop would be built on the east side of the property.  The building would be approximately 678 SF and would utilize the existing parking lot, which would be redesigned to allow for the new building and drive-thru.  Eventually the now Dairy Queen will be utilized by a new tenant or an entirely new building constructed in its place.  The preliminary site plan was reviewed and approved in October 2022.  
Scooters Coffee 1
Scooters Coffee 2
Planet Fitness

                         Planet Fitness

              1201 Bell Ave, Hartford WI 53027

A site plan has been proposed to develop part of the former Sentry food store building into a popular Planet Fitness franchise.  The preliminary plan was approved in September 2022.  The streetside facade of the building would be remodeled to allow for two separate tenants with more contemporary and attractive storefronts.  The modern exterior is proposed to be finished with a mix of fiber cement panels and high quality metal siding of various textures.  Planet Fitness is another exciting development in Hartford Plaza. 

                                        Rytec Corporation - Cold Storage Facility - 901 Cleveland Dr, Hartford WI  53027

Rytec Corporation 1

Rytec Corporation is planning to build a 12,000 SF cold storage facility directly behind their current location.  The building will be approximately 60' x 200' and would be built on top of the existing parking lot surface.  The proposed building project was preliminarily approved in September 2022 and would house materials onsite that are currently outside.  

The Rytec Corporation is an industrial door manufacturer that expanded from it's Jackson, WI location, adding a large new Hartford location back in 2018.  

Rytech Corp
Mural 2022

                                                                     "Art in Hart" Community Art/Mural Project

The City of Hartford and Art Enthusiasts in the City have proposed painting murals throughout the community to add artistic value to the downtown.  A group of local businesses and community supporters called "Art in Hart" put forth the first planned mural and received approval in July of 2022.  The mural is planned to be painted beginning in August, and will be painted on the north facing wall of Hank's Restaurant & Drinkery, on the corner of Hwy 60 and Main Street.  Up to seven (7) murals in total are planned for the downtown area.  The local group is seeking artists and plans to raise funds for the projects.  Local historical and natural inspirations will provide a variety of ideas for the murals, which will be reviewed and selected by the group to bring beautiful, original artwork to the downtown area.

                                     Hartford Union High School Tennis Court Reconstruction - 805 Cedar Street, Hartford WI

Site Plans for a new tennis court complex were brought before the Plan Commission and preliminarily approved in July.  The plans for the reconstruction of the tennis courts, would replace the existing courts, with eight (8) new tennis courts.  Additionally, the final plans (not yet available) would include portable bleachers and a pavilion area with a restroom.  Landscaping along the north side of the courts would be added to provide a natural buffer between the residential homesites.  Some additional street trees along the frontage streets, fencing and lighting will complete the site of this new and exciting tennis court complex.  
Tennis Courts 3
Tennis Courts
   Hartford Union High School Tennis Court Reconstruction Plan

   Peace Lutheran School Addition
1025 Peace Lutheran Dr, Hartford WI

Peace Lutheran School plans to add 
a 15,600 SF addition to the NW corner
of the existing building.  A Site Plan 
for the project was preliminarily 
approved in June 2022.  The additional
space would be created to house 
K-4th grade classrooms, bathrooms
and additional storage areas.  The 
7800 SF footprint of the two-story
addition would be finished with 
architectural metals, face brick and 
construction materials to match the
original building construction.  
Peace Lutheran

                                                             Accurate Fabrication - 2050 Constitution Ave, Hartford WI

A large metal fabrication company, Accurate Fabrication, plans to expand their current 41,850 SF building by adding a 32,778 SF addition, including a 1,566 SF cold storage facility.  The proposed site plan, preliminarily approved in April 2022, would build an addition, finished with metal siding off of the back of the existing building, which is planned to include four (4) overhead doors.  The extra space would house materials, shipping and receiving.  A driveway to the addition would extend from the existing parking area and ornamental trees would be added to the landscaping to finish off the development.  

Accurate Fabrication began business in 1994 and specializes in metal fabrication, forming, welding, and machining services. 

                                                                                              Drawings by MSI General 
Acc. Fabriciation 1a
Acc. Fabrication 2a

1201 - 1323 Bell Ave, Hartford 

   New CSM Creates Four Lots

The developer of Festival Foods submitted a new CSM map to create four (4) lots in the Hartford Plaza as part of the their development.  The map creates Lot 1 which is 1.13 acres (B5 zoning), Lot 2, 7.09 acres (B2 zoning), Lot 3, 8.72 acres (B2 zoning) and Lot 4 would be 0.853 acres, and would be part of the newly created MXD, mixed-use district.  The CSM was preliminarily approved in March of 2022, and is another exciting step in the development of Hartford Plaza.


            JB Photography 
      127 N Main St, Hartford

A new sign was approved for the JB Photography studio in March of 2022.  The studio, located in downtown Hartford, specializes in wedding photography and is the dream of photographer Janalee Bach.  The business, which opened in 2015, has continued to grow, eventually opening in it's current location and offering a variety of photography specialties.   

JB Photography

                                                    TL Motors LLC – 677 E Sumner St, Hartford WI

The owners of TL Motors LLC, a used car dealership currently operating in Hartford, have proposed removing two existing buildings from their current site and building in its place a single four (4) bay service garage with office space. The new building would better utilize the existing site, by allowing sales and expanded service space for vehicles. A preliminary site plan for the new building plan was approved in January 2022.  TL Motors LLC currently offers used cars and trucks for sale at every budget, and provides maintenance services.


                                                        Horizon Outfitters - 28 E Jackson St, Hartford 

A new retail outdoor adventure business, created by Robert Ott, will be opening soon in the downtown area.  The specialty store is planned to offer camping, hiking, paddling and survival equipment, along with related clothing items.  The outdoor adventure sports business would like to eventually offer outdoor equipment rentals.  A sign for Horizon Outfitters was approved in January 2021 and will be installed soon.  The Ott family is excited to share their passion for the outdoors with the Hartford community and hopes to incorporate their ideas into community events. 
Horizon Outfitters

                                            Bridges 120 - Millstream Building - 120 N Main St, Hartford 

Bridges 120

Bridges 120 is the newest addition to the Millstream building in downtown Hartford.  The local non-profit business is the vision of its founder, Carrie DiPaola.  The smoothie shop offers light meals such as wraps, sandwiches and pizza, but one of its purposes is to be a gathering spot for kids and youth, and to feature special events.  Open since September 2021, the inviting gathering space hosts events like local book clubs, planned social gatherings, tutoring and much more.  One of the main goals of Bridges 120 is to give back to the community with time and resources.   

                                              Quad Graphics - Seasonal Housing Concept Plan

                                                                1900 W Sumner St, Hartford WI - Dodge Industrial Park 

The Quad Graphics corporation has proposed a seasonal housing development on the east side of their property at the current factory location.  The preliminary concept plan, which was approved in December 2021, is one of the first steps in the potential development process.  The company has proposed building four (4) dorm style buildings with about twenty (20) units each.  The units would be sleeping rooms with common bathrooms.  Another building would offer a dining area and living room/gathering area.  The Quad Graphics corporation has built similar housing in their Lormira location to offer a solution to hard-to-find housing for their many seasonal workers.  

Quad Graphics is a large printing and marketing solutions company that hires many seasonal workers during the months of September thru November and again in March thru May at their Hartford location.  While their corporate headquarters are located in Sussex, WI they are one of Hartford's largest employers.  The world renowned company has offices throughout the United States with services worldwide.  

Quad plan
Quad site

                                                               Brewed Omen Tasting Room - 120 N Main St, Hartford WI

A new tap house has been proposed by a local entrepreneur, William Ohm. The new venue is planned to have a brewpub feel, and will offer food and entertainment areas.  A sign was approved in April 2022, following a preliminary site plan, approved in December 2021 for the Millstream building, which has been a key location for the City's plan to attract a pub with outdoor space.

The Brewed Omen would plan to serve a variety of craft beers from local breweries. The outdoor beer garden would feature a high bar and entertainment area, and will be a great place to enjoy the striking view of the Mill Pond dam and the natural water features. Situated in the heart of the downtown area, it will be uniquely suited to enjoy the beauty of Hartford in an architecturally pleasing, renovated 1880's building, featuring indoor and outdoor space. 

Brewed Omen
Rubi Taphouse

                                           Dodge Dental Studio - 158 North Pike Lake Dr, Hartford WI  

Plans for a new dental office have been proposed, for the office development on North Pike Lake Drive.  Design2Construct is planning to build the Dodge Dental Studio and has submitted a CSM to divide the property at 220 North Pike Lake Drive into two parcels.  The new lot located at 158 North Pike Lake Drive, along with a preliminary site plan for the Dodge Dental Studio, were approved in November 2021.  The proposed building will be approximately 4600 SF and will be nicely finished with brick, fiber cement board, aluminum and decorative timber trusses.  Ample parking plus a landscaping mix of ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials will add to the overall design quality of the development.  Dodge Dental Studio is planning to have ten (10) operatory rooms to offer a variety of dental services in this new and inviting dental office setting.

Dodge Dental

                                                               Culver’s Drive-Thru Restaurant – 1285 E Sumner St, Hartford

A new location for Culver’s Restaurant is being planned at the property formerly known as Ponderosa. The new site plan, proposed by S & L Properties Hartford LLC, was preliminarily approved in November 2021. The existing building would be torn down and a new building would be built on the west side of the property. An attractive new Culver’s restaurant with a double drive thru lane and an outdoor seating area will be built in its place. The new Culver’s Drive-Thru Restaurant location, along with the construction of Festival Foods and the Shops at Belle, are revitalizing the Hartford Plaza.


                                                  Grand Dad's Bakery - 65 N Main St, Hartford WI

Grand Dad's Bakery opened earlier this year in the downtown area, sharing a storefront with Scoop De Ville.  The bakery owners, Michael and Martha Vieth, applied for a new sign permit, which was approved in November 2021.  The popular bakery was originally brought to the Hartford area in 1983 and has been brought back after many years by the original owners.  The bakery specializes in custom cakes and made-from-scratch bakery.   

                                                 Country Veterinary Clinic “addition” – W1236 Saylesville Rd, Rubicon WI

The Country Vet Clinic has proposed making a 1,008 SF addition to their current clinic facility located in the Town of Rubicon. The current clinic is in a rural setting surrounded by farms. The proposed addition, preliminarily approved in November 2021, would be to the east side of the clinic and would be used for additional storage. Metal siding and masonry wainscot would blend and match the addition, which would add additional doors and windows, including an overhead door on the front of the building.

The Country Veterinary Clinic is located approximately 4 miles west of Hartford and provides a variety of services including veterinary, wellness and boarding services to large and small animals.

Vet Clinic 2
Vet Clinic 1


            Certified Survey Map - Bighorn Dr                                       City of Hartford, WI  

Gary Wendorff, a local developer, sought approval to potentially develop three proposed lots located off W Monroe Ave on 734 Bighorn Dr., 746 Bighorn Dr. and 802 Bighorn Drive. The CSM was proposed and preliminarily approved in October 2021.  The proposal would allow for the development of the lots, with the approval of a Grant of Privilege Agreement, to address the future development of Western Hills West Phase IV. 

CSM Bighorn
Local Collective

          The Local Collective –                      10 S Main St, Hartford

A local business owner, Kayla Gerard, owns “The Local Collective”, a goods boutique and creative studio business, in downtown Hartford. A new sign for the building was approved in October 2021 to help highlight the business location, which is on the SE corner of Hwy 60 and Hwy 83 in the heart of downtown Hartford.

The business, which specializes in unique gifts, handcrafted, and locally made items has recently expanded. The location now includes space for classes, workshops and more. The Local Collective focuses on supporting and investing in the local community.

Hart. Public Market


                                                            Hartford Public Market  -  102 N Main St, Hartford WI  

The Hartford Public Market, a new business located in downtown Hartford, opened their doors in September 2021.  The local owners, Ally and Steve Kenitz, have compiled small businesses from the Hartford area and throughout southern Wisconsin to bring their products to our Hartford market.  The store features an assortment of high quality local products and provides a vendor marketplace to help small businesses get their products to more customers.  The Hartford Public Market is an exciting new shopping experience in downtown area. 
festival . main_06212021_112711

                         Festival Foods and Shoppes at Bell Ave located at 1275 Bell Ave, Hartford

                                                                                     Preliminary Site Plan

Festival Foods has proposed building a 70,213 SF Festival Foods building, along with an 11,327 SF Shoppes at Bell Ave retail building.  The site of the Festival Foods is planned to be where the former Kmart was located.  The existing Kmart building would be torn down and the new building constructed.  The remaining existing buildings would continue to operate so the current tenants can remain open for business.  The preliminary site plan review received planning staff approval in June 2021.  The proposed buildings will have an attractive mix of metal, stone and wood on the exteriors and will be nicely landscaped with deciduous and flowering trees, as well as, ornamental shrubs.  A Carbibou Coffee is also planned to be located within the Festival Foods store. 

The Skogen family opened their first Festival Foods in 1990 in Onalaska, WI.  At this time there are 35 Festival Food stores throughout the State of Wisconsin.  Festival Foods strives to have high quality products and to give the customer an exceptional experience.  

                                      Festival Foods Site Plan                                                                                        Shoppes at Bell Ave                              
festival site plan_06212021_112828
festival bell shops_06212021_112751

                                                                            Rubicon River Streambank Stabilization

The Village of Slinger, working under the approval of the WDNR, will begin a project in the City of Hartford to stabilize the stream bank along 875' of the Rubicon River between Wacker Dr and Grant St.  The project was approved in August and is set to begin in October 2021.  The area along the river was identified as a suitable project to improve the fish habitat and reduce phosphorus, giving the Village of Slinger a credit to meet their phosphorus reduction requirements.  The project is planned to be completed in late 2021 or early spring of 2022.  

Rubicon River_09212021_122120

    5950 and 5988 Clover Rd,  Town of Hartford 

                            CSM Land Division

Grace Investors LLC proposed a land division of two parcels, combined totaling 39.72 acres, which they plan to redistribute into three parcels.  The new parcel would create two lots located at the southern portion of the properties, that are 4.783 acres and 1.502 acres.  The proposed Certified Survey Map was approved in June, 2021.  The majority of the land use is agricultural and was considered an agricultural land division.  

Clover Rd_06252021_063110
Paine Rd 2_06252021_052325



       W642 Paine Rd, Town of Rubicon

                          CSM Land Division

The Kuhaupt family on behalf of the Feutz's submitted a plan to redistribute two lots on Paine Road into four lots.  The land is currently zoned agricultural.  The proposed Certified Survey Map was approved in June, 2021.  The resulting four lots are approximately 1.46 acres, 1.89 acres, 5 acres and a 10.25 acre parcel.  The land split was previously approved by the Town of Rubicon in February 2021.

Goeman's Self Storage

525 Kettle Moraine Dr, Hartford WI

The Goemans', owners of the parcel just north of the "Goeman's Rapid Mart" gas station and carwash, are interested in developing said parcel into a self-storage business. The 2.4 acre parcel would have four (4) boat/RV storage buildings with the first building planned for construction as early as Summer/Fall of 2021.

 The new business plan, requires the rezoning of the parcel to a commercial zoning of M-1 Wholesale / Warehousing District. The conceptual site plan was preliminarily approved in June, 2021. The properties directly south and west of the planned project are already zoned commercial.

goeman storage_06212021_112951
Soapy Paws_06212021_113955



     Soapy Paws on Main - 100 N Main St, Hartford

 Soapy Paws on Main Street is a new pet grooming and care business, located on the corner of Main St. and E Jackson St, across from City Hall.  The small family-owned business offers a variety of pet care services.  

In early June 2021 a new sign was approved for the business and will be added to the building.  The City is happy to welcome another new business to the downtown area. 

                                                                        Centennial Park Pavilion 

The Parks and Recreation Department along with City staff, have worked alongside the MSA to fine tune plans for a three season pavilion, to be located along the Mill Pond as part of the development of Centennial Park.  The architecture of the pavilion has been planned to resemble the historic Hartford train depot, with finishes that complement the nearby Jack Russell Library.  The west side of the pavilion will have a recreation space with fireplace and roll-up garage doors.  The east side of the pavilion will have an open performance stage that can double as a covered seating area.  Indoor bathrooms and the ability to use the facility for concessions are part of the plans.  The building plans for the pavilion were preliminarily approved in May 2021.  Below is a conceptual rendering of the pavilion and the larger plans for the development of Centennial Park, planned for 2022/2023.  

Centennial  Park 3
Centennial Park 4
Centennial Park Site Plan
                                                                              Centennial Park renderings created by MSA

                Schubert's Hartford Theater -                           1361 Grand Ave, Hartford 

              Seasonal "Drive-in Movie" Site Plan

The owners of the Hartford Theater are proposing a seasonal outdoor theater experience, to provide an alternative to the more traditional theater setting for the summer season.  A site plan for the outdoor theater was approved in early April 2021.  Placement of the movie screen would be at the southeast corner of the parking lot, with a portable enclosure setup for the projector.  The indoor theater facility would be available for use of the restrooms and concessions during the outdoor drive-in season.

Outdoor movies are scheduled to begin on Friday's and Saturdays in April with an expanded varied schedule extending through October, and ending the season with a special "movie event" on Halloween.  This is the second season for the outdoor "Drive-In Movie" which may become an annual attraction. 


                                                    ProAmPac - 2261 Innovation Way   -  Silo Relocation and Addition of Silos 

The ProAmPac-PolyFirst company has proposed plans to relocate two of their existing silos and build four additional silos to fill an increased demand and to be able to order larger quantities of plastic pellets,  used in the manufacturing of their plastic packaging products.  The silos would be relocated and constructed slightly east of another six existing silos.  The preliminary site plan regarding the silos was approved in April 2021.  ProAmPac, along with other companies located in the Dodge Industrial Park have silos as part of their industrial footprint. 
Pro-Am Pac silos
Pro-Am Pac

                                           Concept Plan - New Apartment Development  -  3420 County Hwy K, Hartford

Basco LLC has proposed a new 27.5 acre development planned for 228 apartments, to be located just south of Hwy 60 on Hwy K between the Hartford Town Hall to the south and the bordering commercial properties along Hwy 60 to the north.  Annexation of the land from the Town will be required as part of the process. The developer, who previously built and manages the Oriole Ponds development, is interested in developing the site over the next six (6) years, with the first of the three phases being planned to be completed in late 2022.

The concept plan was approved in March 2021 as the demand for apartments in Hartford remains strong.  The potential plan shown below proposes 12-unit and 16-unit buildings of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments with garages, plus common areas, a clubhouse and a pool. The entrance to the complex would be located near Schauer Drive.  A large part of the property was previously a gravel pit and has a large variation in topography.  Up to four retention ponds are planned for the landscaping and grading of the property, which will add to the visual appeal of the development.



                                 Zuern Farm Development                                                    Concept Plan - 50 Acre Development

        (North of Mt Vernon Estates and east of the Washington                 County Golf Course and the Full-Pail Heights subdivision)

The Zuern Farm Development has been proposed by local developers (Weyer) to develop the 50-acre parcel east of the Full-Pail Heights subdivision and the Washington County Golf course into approximately 97 single family lots. The entire concept plan calls for a total of approximately 100 lots. Two of the lots and an outlot would be left as an environmental corridor per the SEWRPC (Southeast Wisconsin Regional Plan Commission) and may be used as stormwater management areas.

The Concept Plan, approved in early March 2021, will allow for further evaluation of the potential development. The Town of Hartford property was annexed into the City as part of the development process in June 2021. The proposal initially calls for entry to the subdivision through Mt Vernon Estates to the south and off Logan Rd in the Full-Pail Heights subdivision on the north side. The current proposal is planned for approximately 2 homesites per acre and fills a demand for single family residential homesites.


                             Onward Bound Incredible Dog Training  -  35 E Sumner St, Hartford

A recent application was submitted for a dog training school, by a local entrepreneur, Alyxandra Murdock. The proposed business would conduct itself as a private and group training facility, a dog day school, boot camp and dog sports facility. The owner plans to install a 6 ft. vinyl fence to allow for dog training and play, which will be supervised by trained staff.   The business required a Conditional Use Permit due to the location and the type of business, which was approved in late February 2021.

According to the owner who is a certified professional dog trainer, the business will have a ratio of 5 dogs to every 1 trainer. This separates itself from dog “day cares” that typically have levels of 15 dogs to every one (1) handler. The emphasis will be on obedience by trained staff who will maintain a controlled environment. At this time, no overnight boarding or retail sales are planned, but future changes may be allowed if approved by the City.

                                      Air Methods Corporation - located at the Hartford Municipal Airport

The Air Methods Corporation has leased space at the Hartford Municipal Airport for Medical Emergency Transport Helicopters and additional space for a 1540 SF facility to house an active crew.  The company, which is based in Greenwood, CO plans to employ 14 health care professionals including flight nurses, flight paramedics and pilots.  An active crew would consist of one flight nurse, one flight paramedic and one pilot that would be available at any given time, residing on site.  The Site Plan Review for the medical transport company was approved in early February, 2021.

Air Methods was founded in 1980 with a single helicopter, but now has over 300 locations throughout the United States.  The air transport industry provides life saving medical services at critical times.  The proximity to the City may enable faster response to the Hartford area during medical emergencies requiring air transport services.  

Air Methods "crew quarters" shown above would provide living quarters for a 24/7 staff .

       Mantz Automation Addition - 
   1630 Innovation Way, Hartford WI  

Mantz Automation Inc. is planning to add an additional 25,000 SF to their existing 75,845 SF facility.  The proposed addition would include crane bays, warehouse space, offices and ancillary spaces.  The overall property would be improved with additional landscaping, lighting,  grading and utilities to meet the requirements for the development and make a positive impact on the surrounding industrial area.  A Site Plan Review was approved for the project in early February, 2021.

Mantz Automation was started in 1989 by the local owners and has become a world class company in the tool and die industry.  The company is also a minority and woman-owned business.  Since it's inception it has continually grown; creating many jobs for Hartford and the surrounding areas.    
                                                                                           Mantz Automation Inc - Elevation
                 Millstream photo and artwork by "Signworks"

Millstream Building - 120-122 N Main Street

                         Staffing Support Specialists  

A new sign was approved in January 2021 for the Millstream Building.  The multi-tenant building will soon be home to a local staffing company that plans to occupy the building as early as February 2021.  Additional new tenants will be professionally added to the sign on the south side of the building as they arrive.  

Staffing Support Specialists is a welcome addition to the downtown marketplace.  In business locally since 1997, the company has effectively helped place thousands of people into jobs in the Hartford community and the surrounding area.  

                 Annexation - 283 Acres

     Washington County Family Park Golf Course

The Washington County Golf Course, located on the northeast side of Hartford, partially borders the Rubicon River on the south end of the golf course and Clover Road to the north.  The property, which was previously part of the Town of Hartford, became part of the City of Hartford when the annexation was approved at the end of January 2021.  

A small portion of the property, previously known as "Family Park" was recently retired as a park and approved for residential homesites.  The Family Park area is represented by a 3-4 acre parcel shown in the drawing below.  The parcel was approved for up to 2.0 homesites per acre.  The proposed development is located near the Fulpail Subdivision to the east which is comprised of single family homes.  
Wash. County golf course annex

                                                             The Neuville Subdivision - N Main St, Hartford 

                                                                                     Preliminary Concept Plan Approval 

 A new subdivision is being proposed on Main St, just north of the Pheasant Run subdivision on Hartford's North side.  The property owners are proposing a mixed-use development of single family and duplex homes.  The 84.87  acre parcel would be developed into approximately 87 single family homesites and 74 duplex homesites.  

The  Hartford Area Development Corporation (HADC) has noted a need for additional affordable housing in the Hartford area.  The developers are planning to develop the area with homes that can be supported by the local market conditions and from the local and surrounding workforce and those hoping to relocate to the beautiful Hartford area.  
Neuville Subdivision

                               AJ's Sports Collectables 

                                    52 N Main St, Hartford

AJ's Sports Collectables opened their newest store in downtown Hartford in December 2020.   Aaron and Josh, the owners, originally started AJ's Sports Collectables LLC in January of 2015 and opened their first location in West Allis, WI.  In 2018 they opened a new location in Greenfield, WI that nearly doubled the size of their store.  The local entrepreneurs buy and sell sports memorabilia, including sports cards and autographed sports collectables.  


       Bridlewood Subdivision                         Development

Neumann    Developments   plans  to build    22 duplexes  (44 units)  in the Bridlewood        Subdivision.        The subdivision  is   currently made up of multi-unit    condominiums,    duplex style      condominiums      and      a centralized    clubhouse   with  pool.  

The project, which was approved at the November 2020 Plan Commission meeting, will consist of the property being developed into small "courts" with 4 - 6 duplexes in each court and 6 duplexes (12 units) along Bridlewood Drive.  The developers are expected to begin the project as early as December of 2020.  



                          New Retail Center - 1502 E Sumner St, Hartford WI 

MSI General has proposed building a new retail center in place of the current occupant, which is a Clark Gas Station.  The existing structure would be torn down and a new two-tenant building with a drive-through would be built.  The retail space would be a total of about 4474 SF, have about 39 parking spaces and would be nicely finished and landscaped.  The property is currently surrounded by retail and commercial space, as well as, a nearby medical clinic.  The site plan was proposed and given preliminary approval in June, 2020.  The new retail facility is planned to accommodate a drive-thru on the west side of the building and queuing and ordering on the north and west sides of the building.  

                    Rendering by MSI General Corporation
1502 E Sumner
1502 E Sumner - view2
Trace Tech 2
Trade Tech New


                              Trade Tech Inc.
             2231 Constitution Ave. Hartford, WI

The Brozozowski Brothers LLC recently proposed an increase in their originally proposed 18,012 square foot addition, approved in December, 2019,  to the Trade Tech building located on Constitution Avenue. The newly proposed 56,305 SF addition would significantly increase the size of the current facility which is approximately 33,000 square feet. The newly proposed addition, was given preliminary approval in May, 2020 and would include a tenant, Sarens USA.  Sarens USA, would lease approximately 25,000 square feet of the addition and the remainder of the space would house a new shop bay, two new bathrooms, and a new welding and fabrication area for Trade Tech.  

Trade Tech Inc. was founded in 1985 with the current facility built in 2007. The company is a family owned business that specializes in precision CNC machining and fabrication, providing service to customers locally and nationwide.  Sarens USA is a large multinational company that was looking for a Midwest location.  Trade Tech provides service and parts for the Sarens USA company, which makes large cranes.  


                                                                       Prescription Analytics  -  780 E Loos St, Hartford WI

Prescription Analytics has proposed a new office building and storage facility near the intersection of Bell Ave and S Wilson Ave, located on the north half of the 2.75 acre parcel.  The office building is planned to be 6,155 square feet with a separate storage facility that would be an additional 2,400 square feet.  A re-zoning of the parcel was required to B-4 Office to facilitate the site plan and allow the company to expand, while remaining in the City.  The architecturally pleasing building design was preliminary approved in April 2020.   

Prescription Analytics is currently located at 823 E Sumner St in Hartford.  The successful consulting firm started in 2009 and specializes in support services for sales, operations and many phases of development for pharmaceutical, life science and bio-tech companies.                                                                                                                                                                            

Prescription Analytics - Site Plan
Prescription Analytics - Views

                                     Renderings by Keller 


                 Goeman's Rapid Mart addition - 

                 2712 E Sumner Street, Hartford

The Goemans, owner's of the BP gas station on Hartford's east side, have proposed a plan for a 1600 SF addition to the existing gas station.  As shown on the site plan, the building addition would be on the west side of the building and would include a new canopy, with the latest BP design.  The building would be finished with stone veneer wainscot and vinyl.  The planning commission approved the preliminary review in March 2020.

            Photo provided by Fischer-Fischer Theis Inc.
Goemans Pic 1
Goemans Pic 2
Goemans Pic 3
Small - hoffman_02242020_100509


                   Conceptual Plan Proposed -                               3141 & 3151 County Trunk Highway (CTH) K

Hoffman Properties LLC has proposed a plan for the development of approximately 2.2 acres of land located just south of the City of Hartford on County Rd K.  The project is currently in the Town of Hartford and development would require the property to be annexed to the City. 

The proposed plan would consist of converting two existing buildings into two-family and three-family properties, and building an additional two-family and four-family property on the lot, with a potential plan of up to 13 units. 

The Plan Commission reviewed the project in February 2020 and the project, if approved could begin construction in 2020.  Final details and building design would be voted on by the Plan Commission before any site plans are given final approval.  

              17 Acre Mixed Use Re-Development Opportunity  - Hartford Plaza 1201-1275 Bell Avenue

Working with Vandewalle & Associates the concept rendering shown below was unveiled as a potential plan to revitalize the Hartford Plaza.  The development would be a mixed use of apartments, retail stores and office space, additional restaurants and park-like gathering space.  This  exciting new vision was unleashed in January, 2019 for the Common Council.  In February 2019, the City approved a conceptual plan to begin the process to re-develop the area where the former Kmart and Sentry stores were located.  The City is seeking developers who are interested in developing all or part of the project.  Since the original proposal is conceptual in nature, the finished product will likely change, as this is a starting point for the potential development.  This creative new concept is full of opportunity, in a highly traveled and visible area in our vibrant, growing community.    

                                                      Contact Justin Drew for more information regarding Hartford Plaza.

Hartford Plaza Rendering
                                                                              Click on the image above for more details.
Office 2
Office 1

               PIKE PLACE DRIVE – OFFICE COMPLEX                110 N Pike Lake Dr. Hartford, WI

Design 2 Construct has proposed the development of an office complex at the northeast corner of Pike Lake Drive and East Sumner Street (STH 60). 

• The complex would be made up of three office buildings with a total square footage of approximately 20,000 square feet. The developer plans to build the southernmost building first, which is proposed to be 7,377 square feet and would be located on Lot 1 which is 4.967 acres.  Each building  would have a unique use, and  would each have at least two tenant spaces available for lease.

• The City approved a concept plan for the office development in November 2019, and the project is proposed to begin in early 2020.  The site plan shows the proposed buildings. The eastern portion of the lots would be undisturbed wetlands. The buildings are planned to have a minimalist look and a modern design. The single-story structures would have covered entry canopies and a patio facing south for employees. 

Glenn Hepfner Inc CNC Laser - 2133 Constitution Ave, Hartford

Glenn Hepfner Inc is planning to build a new 12,000 SF addition.  The new addition will be located southwest of the main facility, and will be used as a cold storage facility.  Two storage areas within the building addition will provide the needed additional storage.  The surrounding area, which is already commercial and industrial will have little impact from the addition, which was approved in September 2019 and planned to be built in the spring of 2020 .  

The metal fabrication company has been in business since 1975 and was originally located in Sussex, WI. The company has continued to grow over the years and in 2004 it began building their 80,000 SF facility here in Hartford. 

2133 Constitution Bldg
2133 Constitution

                  The Conservancy -

1329–1345 South Wilson Ave Hartford

Condo Development LLC is beginning construction of “The Conservancy” which was approved in August, 2019.  Already underway, the developer, Greg James, plans to have its first units completed in spring of 2020.  The view of the natural conservancy bordering the condominiums on three sides of the property no doubt inspired the name of this latest development. 

The development is planned to be comprised of three (3) four-family buildings making up 12 units and eight (8) duplex style buildings making up the other 16 units in the 28-unit development. 

The single story 2 BR, 2 BA condominiums are pictured to the right. A private driveway will provide access to the completed complex. Each unit will have 1 – 2 car garages for parking with an equal number of spaces on the approach; plus additional parking.  A bike / walking path abutting the property on S. Wilson Ave will be part of the finished development.  The project is proposed to be age-restricted.  


Conservancy Photo 1
Conservancy Plat

Lotus Be Well - The Blooming Lotus - The Platonic Cafe – 47 N Main St. Hartford

Located in the Hartford downtown business district is a new storefront with three businesses in one location.  Lotus Be Well has relocated and the Blooming Lotus and the Platonic Café also occupy the building; which is accessible from the city parking lot on Johnson St. as well as Main St.  The wellness focused merchants offer a variety of holistic treatments and services, personalized natural therapies and educational materials. The Blooming Lotus retails supplements and health related products and is located within the storefront. On the lower level the Platonic Café offers a variety of nutritional drinks and foods high in vitamins.

Lotus pic
Larpen site
Larpen bldg


    Larpen Metallurgical Services Office Addition                   1111 Western Ave, Hartford

Larpen Metallurgical Services proposed building a 1,460 square foot addition onto their existing 3,836 square foot building located on Western Ave.  To facilitate the addition, land from their adjacent manufacturing property, located at 1049 Western Dr was surveyed and a new CSM (Certified Survey Map) was submitted with the plan. The proposed addition, approved in July 2019, will be located south of the existing building and will house offices, a conference room, restrooms and mechanical rooms.

Larpen Metallurgical Services is a supplier of graphite products and carbon additives throughout North America.  In 1996, a large manufacturing facility was built in Hartford, to meet the growing demands for their products in North America. The facility here in Hartford is approximately 75,000 square feet, with additional manufacturing facilities around the United States and abroad.




           Carmex Precision Tool LLC –                          2011 Innovation Way, Hartford

Carmex Precision Tool LLC is planning to develop a 2.5 acre parcel of land they purchased from the City, into the company's sales and distribution center for North America.  In June 2019, the City approved the proposed building which will be approximately 7,387 SF on one level, with room for future expansion.  

The Carmex Precision Tool company specializes in the production of threading tools for turning and milling. The company has a production facility located in Richfield, WI, with its main facility located in Maalot, Israel.  

Carmex bldg 1
Carmex site

The Rincon Development – 215 – 225 N Main St, Hartford

The Rincon is an important part of the strategic development of downtown Hartford.  The upscale new apartment complex is located just north of City Hall, and features retail space on the street level.  The development is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in the summer of 2020. The property was originally comprised of eight lots but has been re-divided and now makes up two lots. The development which was approved in March, 2019 is already underway.

The Rincon will consist of the following: 

Lot 1 - 33,285 SF and consists of the new Rincon Development 

- 82 Units 

- Underground parking 

- Club Room 

- Luxury finishes 

- Private balcony 

- Retail space on the main level 

Lot 2 – 14,124 SF will become the City Parking Lot

- Parking for Rincon residents. 

- Parking for visitors and city residents.

Rincon site
Rincon rendering
Rincon Photo 2
Lincoln Addition 1
Lincoln Addition

Lincoln School Addition
755 S Rural St.  Hartford, WI  53027  

Construction is complete on the 6,962 square foot addition to the Lincoln School building.  The addition; located on the NW corner of the building houses the following: 

- 4 New Class Rooms 

- New restrooms  

- 2 New Project Rooms 

Passed by a referendum in the fall of 2018; the new addition was added for needed instructional space.  The conceptual plan was approved in February of 2019 and was completed at the end of summer 2019.

Rossman School Addition
600 Highland Ave. Hartford, WI  53027 

Construction is complete on the 7,395 square foot addition to the Rossman School building.  The addition is located on the NW side of the building and houses the following: 

- 4 New Class Rooms 

- New restrooms  

- 2 New Project Rooms 

- Storage Room 

- Exit Vestibule 

Passed by a referendum in the fall of 2018; the addition was added for more instructional space.  The conceptual plan was approved in February of 2019, and was completed at the end of summer 2019.

Rossman Addition 1
Rossman Addition

Craft Retreat House – 209 W Lincoln Ave, Hartford  

A “Craft Retreat House” was proposed by Jean Harley.  The home provides a place for small groups of people to spend time gathering to do crafting projects.  A concept new to Hartford, the home provides refuge from the day to day and allows people to “get away” and go crafting.  Similar “crafting homes” currently operate throughout areas of the State of Wisconsin.  Groups of up to 12 people can rent the home for their projects.  Classes and open sewing nights are part of the offering.  The Craft Retreat House is also available to rent for meetings, showers, and church related retreats.   The project was approved in January 2019 and has begun operation.  The conditional uses permitted have some restrictions to maintain the residential atmosphere of the neighborhood.   

209 Lincoln 1