Economic Developments

I'm pleased that I can begin blogging again. A new web site for the HADC has been created (hope you like the look and feel of it) and I've been trained on how to do updates to the site and create blog posts. My thanks to Jack Ewing at the City of Hartford for the time he spent teaching this old dog some new tricks.

While COVID has limited or changed the way we do things, I'm very happy with the progress that's been made over the last few months with our community revitalization projects. Downtown, the Rincon 225 project was completed and people began moving in in Mid-July. The 82 apartments in the development will bring more people downtown and drive additional development.

Also, our efforts to more effectively market Hartford have taken several significant steps forward. The Chamber, BID and HADC all have new web sites and logo's which helps to present the community with a more unified look to the "outside world". Now, you can easily navigate between the City of Hartford site and the other three organizations with a simple click.

We'll be making more effective use of social media to present all the great things to see and do in Hartford to people of all ages in SE Wisconsin with a campaign that will be rolled out over the next 4 months. 

These are exciting times in Hartford. "It's all happening here!"

Feb 23

2022 A Big Year for Economic Development in Hartford

Posted on February 23, 2022 at 2:45 PM by Tom Hostad

2022 will be an exciting year for economic development in Hartford. Festival Foods will be opening its store in May along with a 12,000 mini-mall on the east end of the development. Festival has just revealed that they will be moving forward with development of the west end of the former Hartford Plaza. Three perspective tenants have expressed strong interest in locating there.

Additionally, Culvers will be relocating to the south side of Highway 60 on the site that once housed the Ponderosa Restaurant. Culvers will be building a restaurant with much larger seating capacity and two drive-thru lanes. The old Culvers building, destroyed by a fire in September, 2021 will be demolished by the end of February and future development is planned on that site.

The HADC is advancing a proposal to bring housing to the community that can be supported by the wages earned here. The development would include single and two story homes along with townhouses.