How are the road conditions?
If you have a touch tone phone, you can call 262-335-4378, option 3 during the recorded greeting. The information provided is based on reports from sheriff's deputies in the field and is updated as needed. Regional information is included during major storms

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1. How do I obtain an auto accident report?
2. I received a citation from a Hartford Officer. Where can I pay the fine?
3. I received a parking ticket in Hartford. Where do I pay it?
4. Can you give me a copy of my driving record?
5. How are the road conditions?
6. What is the curfew in Hartford?
7. Do I need to register my bicycle?
8. Who do I call?
9. How can I get a tour of the Police Department for my group?
10. Where is the Hartford Police Department located?
11. What are the Department's hours of operation?
12. How can I acquire a copy of a police or accident report?
13. How can I learn about deceptive business practices and scams?
14. I found some medication in my child's possession and I don't know what it is. How can I identify it?
15. I have a private alarm at my home or business. Do I need a permit?